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The Invisible Red Lilacs
Digital Witchcraft
Rythym Of Souls

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  Welcome to the podcasters page!!!!!!

If you are here you must be a podcaster ...

below you will find download links to some of our material. You are welcome to download, and to use for your podcasts, as long as you credit us, 11MWON with the creation of the material, and refer people to our site if they ask. In return we will ad a link to your podcast site here thus increasing your traffic as well! Just email us below to include the link! Note that if you have been invited to this page and you sell your podcasts, you have permission to use our materials as you choose for your podcasts, there fore you are granted limited commercial rights*. Happy podcasting,

Will I Dream

Fantasma Paquena  1     demo   Ambient, Electronic

China Walls    demo      Ambient, Electronic

The Ghosts of the Meeker Hotel   demo    Ambient, Electronic

The Invisible Red Lilacs

The Train Ride with the Monsters Under the Bed   demo    Electronic, Trance, long 14 min

The Train Ride Across Western Io    demo    Electronic, Trance long 8 min

My Loving Replicant    demo    Electronic, Trance long 8 min

Digital Witchcraft

He's Got Away   demo   retro 80s, Dream Pop

Riddles In The Dark   demo     retro 80s, Dream Pop



*what does limited rights mean?? You can sell your podcasts anywhere you like in any volume, as long as you give us credit for the songs and if asked by your customers, you refer them to us for the original works. you may not sell these works individually outside of your podcast, or represent that they are your creation.


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